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Business Avitivities: SiGeKo / Site Supervison

Description of the Business Activities concerning Site Supervision (intertrade)


  • qualitative supervision of the object construction to guarantee the accordance with the
    constructional approved documents, the building contract, as well as the generally
    accepted rules of engineering and the corresponding regulations
  • reconciliation with requirements of the traffic law (VaO)
  • reconciliation with the railway operation
  • management and documentation of meetings
  • writing a construction diary
  • common site measuring
  • auditing
  • management of amendments
  • participation in the final inspection
  • participation in the official final inspection
  • supervision of the remedy of defects detected by the final inspection


Business Activities according to RAB30/31 SigeKo & SiGePlan:

  • Scope of Activities during the planning phase
    • participation in the Lph 1 to
    • development of the SiGe-Plan
    • development of the construction site regulations
    • preannouncement
  • Scope of Activities during the construction
    • coordination of all SiGe-issues
    • management and documentation of inspections
    • coordination of several SiGe-coordinations
    • demand-based check and update of the SiGe-Plan

Business Activities according to RAB32 – Later Documents:

With this document the constructor/coordinator creates a precondition for the
safety and sanitary compatible arrangement of later works and additionally also for the economic use and maintenance of the structural facility in the long run.

The document has to be developed, if more than one employer is involved in the performance of the construction.

The document guarantees a safe and sanitary compatible work on the structural facility (e.g. maintenance, inspection and restoration).

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