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Business Activities: Civil Engineering

To provide a firm basis


Long construction periods, significant traffic restrictions, surprises in the soil, no visible result after completion – By this means, projects concerning the complex site development are a tough act to follow in public opinion.

However, the site development with technical networks is – nowadays more than ever before – the basis for any aboveground building activity and design.

Creating an economic budget as a frame for a maximum of functionality for a high useful life with a minimum of construction period and restriction as well as an ideal technology is the task, which demands us, the production engineers, but also the constructor and the performer, again and again.


Bahnentwässerung City Tunnel LeipzigVereinigungsbauwerk Kötzschenbroder StraßeEntwässerungsnetz LangebrückDüker TW DN 400 Laubusch


Components of our business Activities concerning Civil Engineering: 

  • planning of pipe drive
    • HDD-wells
    • drilled drainage
    • pilot drilling methods
    • horizontal well sinking
    • blind hole drilling methods
    • micro-tunneling
    • pipe drive
  • stock-check of underground media / activity networks
  • state valuation of – amongst others – ducts and shafts
  • target state
  • concept adaption
  • technological comparison of methods
  • activity networks
  • buildings
  • hazardous materials / separators
  • separators
  • earth work and safeguarding of structural constructions
  • licensing procedure according to water right and telecommunication law
  • methods concerning water right
  • coordination of civil engineering
  • project planning
  • bidding
  • site management, local construction supervision
  • safety coordination according to construction site ordinance




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