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Business Activities: Construction Control

Implementation of Construction Control

On the part of the legislative body, the implementation of construction controls according to DIN 1076 is necessary for all construction engineering (bridges, retaining walls, shafts, poles, tunnels, etc.), if they are in sponsorship of public administrations and / or in the course of or rather above public transport routes.

Regular construction controls does not only provide a basis for the standard security and traffic security of buildings, but they are also requirements for the long-term preservation of buildings. It is possible to make detailed maintenance recommendations through regular construction controls in order to avoid later extensive building restorations or maintenance.

When it comes to complex, serious or vague damages detailed object-related failure analysis, which are beyond the construction control, could become necessary.

Confronted with difficult accessibilities to and within buildings we use ladders and scaffolds or work with partners specialized on hydraulic lifts, equipments to look under bridges or twoway technique in the rail sector, depending on the requirements and on the basis of the economic variant. If necessary, we have also the possibility to work with safety ropes.


Components of our Business Activities concerning Construction Control and
Building Maintenance:

  • construction control according to DIN 1076, including coordination and balance of all external involved persons
  • analysis of damages / expert opinion / collection and evaluation of facts concerning the condition
  • data management and evaluation with the programming system SIB-buildings
  • object-related analysis of damages
  • stock-check / further data collection / writing of building books
  • consideration of economic efficiency / cost-benefit analysis
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