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Business Activities: Construction Engineering

Bridge Building


Construction Engineering – architecture or pure functional construction?
Restoration, reinforcement or regeneration?
How long is the remaining useful life?
Which capability is achievable?

Those are only a few recurrent questions concerning the planning, the building, and the maintenance of our constructive engineering. In particular the development of the traffic infrastructure in connection with the location and the meaning of the building require posing those questions always in a new way.

Our engineering company is your qualified partner in answer to all of those questions.
We will coordinate and integrate similar business activities like surveying, investigation of building sites, scenic-custodial secondary planning and so on.

Through the existence of the branch construction engineering and building of traffic facilities in our own company we are able to realize the business activities planning and coordination for transport routes, hydraulic engineering, sanitary environmental engineering as well as for subterranean available space in close coordination with the involved project managers in a quickly and goal-oriented way. This is the particular advantage of our company, especially when dealing with complicated inner-city construction projects with a huge number of interests and partners to be included.


Retaining Walls

Retaining walls describe a separate area of the construction engineering with multifaceted constructive scopes for design and a close connection with the functional area of geotechnical engineering. Fixed walls, jetcrete securing, slope reinforcements as well as supporting ground constructions and wire frame walls (gabions) are – besides the usual heavyweight or angle bracket walls – also part of retaining walls.
In many the cases the changes of transport routes involve a new construction of retaining walls.

However, already existing retailing walls generate a much bigger amount, because it is essential to maintain, restore and if necessary renew them with engineering expertise and always with a view to economic aspects.

Further Construction Engineering

Plans for constructions of the sanitary environmental engineering and the hydraulic engineering provided by the customer are another scope of our business activities. Here, the range runs from concrete components for stormwater storage basins over shafts to buildings for subterranean micro tunnel wells and constructions for the effluent treatment.
We address ourselves also to particular plans of construction engineering with interest, expertise, and special solutions for the respective use case.

Components of our business Activities concerning Construction Engineering:

  • planning of objects and structural framework of construction engineering according to § 42 and § 49 HOAI
  • stock-check / further data collection
  • building recalculations / classification calculations
  • evaluation of economic efficiency
  • renovation, restoration, reinforcement, and maintenance of construction engineering
  • site management / local construction supervision
  • safety coordination according to construction site ordinance
  • development of administrative agreements, e.g. according to the law of railway crossing (EKrG)



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