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Business Activities: Hydraulic Engineering

"The earth is a civilised star with a lot of flushing.“ (Erich Kästner)

For us, water is a welcome fundamental basis of any life – for our buildings, it often causes problems. “To enjoy water moderately is harmless” – to quote Mark Twain, a further writer. Translating “To enjoy moderately” into technical terms would mean “an acceptable amount of water per time unit”.
Our buildings and in particular hydraulic structures have to live with a high bandwidth. Climate change and changes in the dispersion of rainfall are keywords as well as the increasing sealing of surfaces accompanied by our living standard. Thus, our water picks up pace and often confronts us in disagreeable amounts. In that, the challenges concerning hydraulic engineering and flood control are reflected too.

1Schutz vor Grundwasseranstieg für LMBV Lausitz 2Schutz vor Grundwasseranstieg für LMBV Lausitz 2
3 Grundwasseranstieg Isophysendarstellung 4Sanierung Pumpspeicherwerk Niederwartha




1 + 2 Lug lake bridge next to Laubusch LMBV Lusatia protection ground water increase

3 - Lusatia protection ground water increase Ground water reincrease contour line diagram Deutzen | LMBV Central Germany

4 - Restoration of the pump storage station Niederwartha / Germany


Components of our business s Activities concerning Hydraulic Engineering:

  • stock-check
  • investigation of damages
  • hydraulic calculation
  • conceptual process
  • flood control
  • object-oriented design
  • planning of structural framework
  • project planning
  • bidding
  • site management
  • local construction supervision
  • safety coordination according to construction site ordinance




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