Wir planen den Bau
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Structural Engineering and Industrial Construction

Industrial and commercial productions are the spinal cord of our economic


In doing so, the improvement of the production processes is in the focus of interest for our constructors. The structural shell around the production facility is often “just the necessary evil” to develop a location. In this connection, we make the development of an economic, functional and creative useful synthesis to our business. Consequently, the work itself does not primarily start with the building, but with the appreciation of the operational sequences, from which any allotment of structural facilities results. This planning concept holds for the small business as well as for the industrial world-scale plant.


Components of our Business Activities concerning Structural Engineering and Industrial Construction:

  • stock-check
  • restoration
  • investigation of damages
  • operation sequencing
  • BImSchG-method
  • VbF-method
  • object planning for buildings and undeveloped areas
  • object planning for traffic facilities, streets and industrial railways
  • planning of structural framework
  • bidding
  • site supervision / local construction supervision
  • safety coordination according to construction site ordinance
  • concept of fire protection
  • project control, tasks of the constructor
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