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business Activities: Traffic Route Engineering (Road Construction)

Development of state roads, highways, and intersections

"They sow the streets and reap the traffic."


- With this argument, the concernment by the traffic, by its impact on us and our environment often comes to the fore.

This concernment constantly conflicts with every single use caused by the traffic. Mobility and the assurance of mobility take a centre stage here.
Main roads are the spine for this purpose and at the same time they require a certain minimum quality standard. Here, the decision on the choice of location for our essential activities, like working and living, is made.

This provides at the same time the frame for the thereof deduced plans and the therein balanced different interests. The assessment basis for streets in connection with the road safety and traffic plans are also included in a certain dynamic.
We catch up on scientific studies, analysis of traffic plans, and new developments amongst others in the context of publications of the Road and Transport Research Association and as a member of the Saxon Traffic Engineers Association (VSVI).



Our business Activities concerning the Development of State Roads, Highways, and Intersections:

  • Stock-check
  • development of variants
  • traffic planning
  • conflict analysis
  • intersection simulation
  • route determination
  • producibility studies
  • landscapes following after road construction and mining
  • project planning, traffic facilities
  • bidding
  • site management
  • local construction supervision
  • safety coordination according to construction site ordinance
  • project control
  • tasks of the constructor



Traffic Planning and City Planning

Traffic planning and city planning – two inseparably interweaved areas of conflict between functional and creative requirements.
For our company, planning “as a whole” is the maxim in this connection.
Traffic and city are more than public administration, organizations, and institutions.
Last but not least, they were experienced by every citizen. Accordingly, the attitudes are multifaceted. Therefore, we also understand planning as moderation in terms of the client.

1Innenhof des PRev. Dippoldiswalde2Eisenbahnbundesamt SIB Dresden - Parkplatz
3 Innenhof des PRev. Dippoldiswalde4Parkplatz Tddk Straßgräbchen


1 Courtyard of the police station Parking lot of the Federal Railway
2 Dippoldiswalde Authority SIB Dresden

3 Parking lot of the LIDL-chain store, Parking lot TDDK, Straßgräbchen
4 Waging am See, LIDL

Our business Activities concerning Traffic Route Engineering:

  • stock-check
  • conflict analysis
  • development of variants
  • intersection simulation
  • coordination of the city-technical networks
  • traffic planning
  • project planning
  • traffic facilities
  • public lighting
  • light-technical planning, public lighting
  • bidding
  • site management
  • local construction supervision
  • safety coordination according to construction site ordinance
  • project control, tasks of the constructor
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